Andruw Jones for Delman Young.?

My team is underproducing and I need some hits right now. Andruw strikes out to much so would trading for delman be a smart move?


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Horrible move. Jones is a hot and cold hitter, the season is 2 weeks old and he has a proven track record of hitting 40-50 HR and 120-130 RBI. For a guy with no track record at all? Even more way the rest of the league doesnt veto a deal like that in the first place. Stick with drafted him in what the 3rd round? He gets picked there for a reason!

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andruw jones isnt going to do this bad all year. i wouldnt trade him for delman young,u can get someone better for jones. But i reccomend that u keep andruw jones because he will start doing better. if u have a backup outfeilder play him and sit andruw jones for a little until he starts to get hot.

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No, thats a dumb move. You are giving up a reliable guy for a rookie with a temper.

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I would hang on to Jones in this instance, too. Young is still young and you're not sure what you'll get - with Jones, you do know, even though the slow start this year.

Having said that, I've been offered Jeter for A. Jones, which I am leaning toward doing. How do others feel about getting Jeter for him?

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No. Be patient. The season is two weeks old. You believed in your players when you drafted them didn't you? I like Young, but trading Jones for him is simply a bad move even IF strikeouts by batters is a category in your league.

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The only way I'd trade for delmon young is if I needed more bat throws during the season.

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i would do a 2 for 2 deal so its more fair

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are you high? andruw jones is in a contract year and should do great. have patience and he will produce for you, i went out and traded for him in 3 of my 4 leagues. unless your in a keeper league for many years, dont give him up for just delmon young (who may be a question about his behavior and anger issues, remember, he threw a bat at an ump last year in the minors, at look at what happened to pacman jones)

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No. Thats like trading Johan Santana for Ervin Santana

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Do the deal and everyone here throws a bat at you!

Like the others have mentioned, it's Druw's contract year, his track record etc, for a guy who's on a hot streak right now.

You drafted Jones knowing full well that he's a streaky hitter, but also that he's an elite hitter.

To the guy with the Jeter for Jones offer. I'd do that. MI is very very shallow, and if you feel that you can afford to lose the power pull the trigger.

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Yeah if you wanted to get rid of jones so badly you should have at least gotten another player (6 or 7 rounder) for Jones. He's gonna do better anyways you're gonna regret it.

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