Anyone else agree with me?

Question:Hasn't Mark Teixeira been the biggest fantasy bust of the year so far? He flat out sucks. I dropped him in my league for about a week and no one has even picked him up!
Does he really suck this bad?
Does anyone else agree with me that this guy is a huge bust at yahoo rank 16?


Should i accept this trade?

yes. who did you pick up though? Another is Paul Konerko.

Should i trade Matt Cain and Magglio Ordonez for Vernon Wells and Matt Morris?

That was remarkably foolish to drop an All-Star caliber player after 2 weeks, and even worse judgment by the players in your league not to pick him up. Get him back now, and feel lucky that you didn't sabotage your team based on 2 weeks performance.

Should I make this trade Garret Atkins and Lyle Overbay or Paul Loduca for Carlos Guillén and Tadahito Iguchi?

No - you are a moron. And apparently if he went unclaimed on waivers, everyone else you are playing with in that league is equally ignorant. Either that or they all passed out and are in shock from your stupidity. Look at his end-of the year numbers last year, and see what he had at the all-star break. You NEVER cut a guy like that - you can put him on your bench, but cut him? I would wish you and your league mates were in some of my leagues with me, but I like some intelligent competition.

Problems with Yahoo!'s Fantasy Baseball Draft?

You're a fuckin idiot. Tex is awesome.

Larry Johnson against San Diego or Reggie Bush against lowly Washington?

Wow. I wish you were in my league and had Pujols instead of Tex. I'm sitting with the top waiver priority right now. I could use someone doing something stupid. I would totally pick him up. Get him back NOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!...

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