Aaron Hill Question?

Question:Is he going to be this good all fantasy season?
...and should i drop Brian Roberts? because I have hill...


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No you're way too impatient, don't you think it's possible that they're just having bad games? most players have less than 30 Ab's so far, their is still 470 more to go. A few more hits, Sbs or homers could make a huge difference in the player's value this early.

Week 15...Romo vs. Atlanta or Palmer vs. Indy?

If I was in your league, I could only hope you're dumb enough to drop a top 3-4 2B for Aaron Hill. Gawd, how impatient can you be? Hill has no power, steals very little. he is the definition of a "slap hitter". If you want to drop a 20/30 guy for that... feel free. However, if you would like to have a remote chance of finishing in the upper half of your league.DON'T DO IT!

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Do not drop Roberts at all. Keep hill and see what he does. Ride him while he is hot

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