A good idea?

Question:I've traded Zimmerman for V-mart.

my team was

D Lee

Good Trade?


Rex Grossman home against Tampa Bay, Jon Kitna @ GB, Jeff Garcia @ NYG, or Joey Harrington @ Buffalo?

you may have iwamura and teahen but I'm not sure you did the right thing. martinez is hurt and won't be as productive this year. Cancel it if you still can.

You should have picked up a catcher who is probably still on waivers by the name of John Buck

Francoeur or Delmon Young?

Poor trade. Why go for an injured catcher when you could get much more value for Zimmerman?

For the championship - should I start Tony Romo vs Philly or C. Palmer vs Denver/weather/road game/shoulder?

Definitely cancel the trade.... you can get more then an injured catcher for Zimm

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