Adam Dunn for Alfonso Soriano?

I was looking to make my points rise and make my outfield stronger. I currently have Magglio Ordonez, Juan Pierre, Adam Dunn, Ken Griffey, Craig Monroe & Austin Kearns ( which will be replaced for Mark Teahan starting tomm) I was thinking of getting Alfonso Soriano should i offer Adam Dunn the way my outfield looks? Will Soriano get me more points than Adam Dunn. I know Dunn strikeouts a lot but has power. Please advise? and how does my Outfield look? and should i make any changes? Thanks


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Of course I would make that deal if you could! Chances are though, you won't get it. Dunn has gotten off to a great start but Dunn strikes out a lot, not to mention that his batting average is typically low and damaging, which is why you were able to get him later in the draft than Soriano. Soriano's speed, BA, and power make him a top rated player. I've heard of him even going first in one league a friend of mine is in. I do like your outfield, but it also depends on how many teams are in your league. I own Pierre and Ordonez, and while Pierre is off to a cold start, I think he'll be fine.

Make the offer for Soriano, but if accepts, he has no idea what he's doing. Good luck!

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You would be ripping that guy off if you managed to fleece him like that. Soriano will get more points in virtually any format than will Dunn. Dunn is a pure power, low average guy with a little bit of speed. Soriano combines power and speed, with a better average to boot. He's a 40/40 potential guy. So you sacrifice probably 10 homers or so with Soriano, but you get an extra 20-30 SB, an average better by about 50 points, and more runs.

That said, I think now is an excellent time to shop Dunn around given the hot start.

Your OF overall looks pretty deep but not stellar. Lots of middle-of-the-road contributers, but no standout. Ordonez and Griffey pose injury risks, Pierre is a bit too one-dimensional (steals), and Dunn is too power overloaded. Now that said, I think that Pierre and Dunn in combo do well. You get tons of speed from one and tons of power from the other. I hope you have some high average guys out there to balance out what is an overall somewhat weak BA in your outfield, though.

Good luck to you!

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No-brainer - do it. Soriano will heat up, Dunn's BA is a fantasy killer, plsu you add a bunch of SB's. Don't think twice - accept that deal.

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If any owner accepted that trade, I would say congrats to you, and please give me the owner's email, so I can invite him or her to any leagues I do in the future. It would be an absolute 100% steal.

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Well you could try to offer this trade and if he accepts, then he is an idiot. Alfonso Soriano in my opinion is on MLB's Top 3 players list, probably #3. On the other hand, Adam Dunn is up to a 4th round draft pick. This would be an awesome trade IF you could make this happen, but if not, don't try to. You've got a great outfield and don't need Alfonso Soriano. Just looking at your outfielders, you've got power and steals covered, so it's not like you'll need Al So.

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