6 players in a Fantasy Baseball Trade?

Question:Im giving up
C-Joe Mauer
3B-David Wright
OF-Torri Hunter

C-Michael Barret
3B-Scott Rolen
OF-Lance Berkman

Heres my team already (12 man roteissire league)

F. Thomas
Griffey Jr.


Should i trade?

Consider this before you trade;
Mauer is the best fantasy catcher, hands down.
David Wright is a promising young 3B, who hits well.
Michael Barret plays for a struggeling team, he wont get alot of RBIs.
Scott Rolen gets injured annually.

I would NOT accept this trade

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Not a good trade. Mauer and Wright are the top of their positions(beside arod at 3rd). Barrett isnt even normally drafted, Rolen is on the decline, and berkman is good but would not equal out this trade. The fact that you are even asking about this tells me you are an amatuer fantasy player.

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defiantly don't do it, wright is the third best third basemen in the league (behind a-rod and Cabrera) he may not be at the top of his game right now but he is in a 20-something hit streak and its two early to start panicking.

Joe mauer is defiantly one of if not the best catcher in baseball right now.

plus for the both of them look at the lineup around them, its stacked with opportunities.

also look at Torri's stolen bases... already up there with everyone else. Plus he is in a contract year, on a team that can't afford to keep him so he obviously needs to play his *** of to get some looks.

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prob one of the biggest ripoffs ive ever seen on this site.. your getting screwed

Would you accept this trade?

why would you do that? your arent upgrading anything. david wright and mauer are way better than barret and rolen. and hunter doesnt have power like berkman but will get some steals. try to trade for berkman with just hunter.

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Bad deal for you. Mauer is the top C in the game. Wright is top 5. Berkman is the best player in the deal but Rolen is older and struggles to stay healthy towards the end of the season and Barret is nothing special at all. I'd pass on this.

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i dont think theres 1 reason y u shud do that trade. Youre getting ripped off.

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