Any Fantasy Baseball Leagues I can Join Now?

Question:I'm looking to join a free fantasy league during the next couple weeks while I'm on break. Does anyone know of any leagues that have started yet? Last time I asked this, I received some responses that did not answer my question. I'm looking for what website I can go to join one. I know Yahoo doesn't start their fantasy baseball until the beginning of February. I figure to be very busy after these next couple weeks, so if I could find one to join soon, that would be great.



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Right now, in winter, the only leagues playing are in the Caribbean. Mexico, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic are the most popular. But I don't know if any of those leagues have a Fantasy Baseball Game.
For th MLB, I used to play the Yahoo! Sports Fantasy. I also play the Spanish Football Fantasy. ESPN have a Fantasy Baseball League. I'm not quite sure when they begin (Spanish Football its actually running, if you're interested). But as others said, they should begin at Spring Training. Before that, there's no security about how the rosters would be structured.
Be patient my friend...

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i dont know

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No, there's no fantasy leagues that start in December. Febrary is the earliest.

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hell no some players don't even have teams yet like zito

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ummmmm, its december, so I would presume not. What's the big deal with just waiting until Feb. or March? Some players dont even have teams yet, and we dont know what is going to happen from now till April. Your better off waiting until March to do your draft when you have some ideas on whats going on with players and teams rather than drafting now and getting a crappy team. There isn't even any leagues open for drafting so you have no choice anyway.

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