Am I giving up too much?

Question:I'm giving up: Carl Crawford,and Hanley Ramirez

He's giving up: Jose Reyes,and Scott Posednik

Is this a good deal for me?? let me know what you think...


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hell no you are getting screwed

carl crawford hits for power, average, and speed. hanley the same except not as much average. so therefore you would be giving up 2 of the top base stealers who also give you decent numbers in the other positiosn

mean while reyes is the only good thing to come out of this deal because pods average has steadily dropped every year and he hits the leats amount of homers out of all of them and he doesnt even play ever day...reject this trade please lol

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Not at all!!!

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hanley is something to think about to lose. i think it a shakey deal

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You are giving up more than he is i can tell you that but no every trade you make is going to be even. I myself would do it because Reyes is better than Ramirez an we all know that an you can find outfielders that put up good numbers no not Crwford numbers but goos numbers. I SAY GO FOR IT!

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You are getting ripped off. You are giving up a 1st rounder for a 1st rounder in Crawford for Reyes. But giving up a 3rd round pick (Ramirez) for a guy like Podsednik who is drafted late past the 10th round is ridiculous. Get this deal canceled and fast.

Ramirez will put up very good numbers, maybe not identical to Reyes but pretty close, and they are both SS's. Crawford is light years better than Podsednik and is clearly the better OF. Each pair of guys pretty much steal bases and will get you about the same amount of SB's: 80-110 combined. Terrible deal, don't do it if you can stop.

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Well this is a very hard trade because it is speed for speed but crawford and hanley dont have too good of teams to hit them in or put them in situations that allow them to steal bases.

Reyes is on the best team in the national leauge and podsednik is on one of the best teams in the american leauge so i say do the trade

Wat do u think of this trade?

No it isnt Scott Podsednik had a dissapointing 06 and Crawford is a beast.

Good Trade?

dont do it unless you can pick up a better OF, cause posednik blows. he's not going to hit .300 or still 20 sb's

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You are giving up too much. Pods is the week link here, counter offer for something you really need if you can afford to loose these players at these positions.

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