Any Strat-O-Matic Fanatics out there?


Pick 3 WRs for wk 15: C Johnson, M Booker, M Colston, K Johnson, B Berrian, or H Ward?

Yeah, In this digital age I didnt know anybody still played this game. My brother and i used to choose 6 historical teams each for two divisions and play mini-seasons, 15 games long, with a 3-man rotation, culminating in a two team playoff then a world series.

More than the games themselves, we loved maintaining stats for each game played and awarding Cy Young and MVP's to our favorite players.

he used the '27 Yankees a lot. I used the '61 Yankees as a counter point or when I wanted a challenge, the '55 Dodgers

Need Thoughts on a couple of baseball trades?


Add some details man.

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