Are there any NBA players that are fat?

I'm talking about Center and Power Forward positions. Tim Duncan, Shaquille O'Neal, Chris Webber, Karl Malone(When he was playing), Charles Barkley(When he was playing), Even the big guys did they have small stomachs or did they have "The Before" photos type of bodies. LOL Oh, and NFL Offensive Lineman, do they work on their stomach at all? If not, why do they NOT work on their stomachs? This is a Fat topic sports related question.


Why dont questions get answered?

Its pretty hard to stay out of shape if you are running a baskebtall court every day for a career...

The reason why lineman do not "work on their stomach' is because they use their size to gain leverage. There is no way a guard could stop a DT if he weighed 200 lbs, he would get trucked like the QBs do.

Is anyone having trouble purchasing stattracker? Yahoo is not processing my credit card and it is a valid card

Robert Tractor Traylor

How many homeruns will Arod end up with this season?

well i dont really wanna say hes fat. eddy curry

Is it better to focus on pitchers or batters in a fantasy draft. and why?

Eddy Curry and Antoine Walker (who was actually benched for a few games by Riley during the season because he didn't meet the team's body fat percentage. In all fairness, James Posey was benched with him too for the same reason). Robert Tractor Traylor has been out of the league, but yes, he was big too.

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What do you think of this draft strategy?

It depends on what you call fat. All basketball players and pro football players might look fat but they are big players with low body fat %. The teams have dietitians on staff to help the players eat healthy.

Would you trade vernon wells for chipper jones? I have wells and someone proposed that to me?

John "Hot Plate" Williams: he played for the Bullets and the Clippers--not to be confused with John "Hot Rod" Williams, who played for Cleveland.

Benoit Benjamin: He played for the Clippers. He caused the premature ending of the careers of Norm Nixon and Marques Johnson, by stepping on their feet in practice.

He could not play in a road game in Cleveland because he brought two left shoes.

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Manute Bol & Shawn Bradley were fat.

Cut Wilcox for Childress?

Back in 1996 the celtics signed a kid off the street who had trouble running the court he was over 380 lbs. I can't remember his name though

Smoltz and derosa for seizmore?

Bonzi Wells..but hes also a BEAST

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