Any recourse for fair play rulings in yahoo leagues?

I'm in a fantasy hockey league and recently made a trade for crosby where I gave up 2 mediocre players. It was obviously a very good deal for me but the league didn't vote it down, then someone from the league contacted yahoo about it and they locked me from substituting, adding, or tradingn or anything without even asking my side because they said it violated their fair play bylaws. I know it was an advantageous trade but I didn't collude or do anything cheating at all, but I emailed yahoo and they haven't responded, and the website says once your team is locked they won't do anything to change it. Is there any way to reverse the ruling, or like just retract the trade or anything? I don't see how it was considered cheating when all I did was agree to a helpful trade.


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I think that is total BS. The other owners in the league are responsible for monitoring trade offers and acting accordingly. It should not be up to "Big Brother" to judge a trade after the fact. If Yahoo! is that concerned about "fair play", they should have each trade reviewed and either approved or rejected before it is processed. The whole point of Fantasy Sports is to make advantageous trades to help make your team better. To lock an owner out of a league after the trade was approved by the league & processed by Yahoo! is really foul & you have a legit gripe. I don't think it is cheating at all. I just hope the league was a free public league. I would take my Fantasy League to CBS Sportsline next season (or even for a mid season league). Sorry man, you got shafted. I don't think you are in the wrong at all.

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once you're locked they won't unlock you.and though the league didn't vote it down, you've gotta step up and take personal responsibility for your's not the leagues fault that you made a horrible trade that was completely should be locked and for the record Yahoo! will not unlock you...they're the law and your broke the fair play guidelines...try not to cheat next time..

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