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Question:OK - I am in last place in my leauge by 170 points. My starters are Z, Boozer, D. Howard, T. Parker, and D Wade.

To make it easier, my leauge website is:

My team is Boozer's Bitches :). Please don't mind the language, there is a lot ;).

I'm looking for any advice to make it out of last - at this point in the season I'm not looking to win, just not to finish last.

Any trades, pickups, drops, etc that are possiblities to help my team would be greatly greatly appreciated.

**I traded Parker for Deron Williams, which I think I am already regretting.**


How do you sign up to play fantasy basketball?

forget depth

if you only have that few of starters go the other way and try to go two for 1's getting the best player you can

can fill up the rest of your roster from FA's depending on who's hot

you have to make other teams worse while improving if you want any chance of sniffing the playoffs

Is there a free fnatasy baseball stat tracker available?

Try to get Kody Korver. People don't really know about him but he is really good.

I have confusing matchups please help!?

You are in a private fantasy league & we the public can't get into that website. But keep this in mind, until it is atleast half way through the season you always have hope. Now to moves you can make to help your team even though I don't know your leagues settings.

Al Jefferson...Boston Celtics. Dude is an animal, a Dwight Howard type. With a number of injuries to the team you can expect his production to be strong all year. Even with Wally-world & Paul Pierce (when he gets back) his production will be strong..who else can play center for that team?

Shaun Livingston...LA Clippers. A solid stat filler. A poor mans Deron Williams or Tony Parker.

Mo Williams...Bucks. Depending on how deep your league is he may still be there. This guy puts up the numbers every night for a PG. He does it all & is why TJ Ford was traded this past off-season.

It seems you're in a rotisserie league...the one thing you don't want to do is sacrifice your best stat for one of your weakest. In other words, don't drop your strongest rebounder to pick up a high assist guy. That will only make your situation worse over the long haul. Remember, starters that log a lot of minutes are always going to be your best bet for stat fillers!

When you are commisoner?


How do u play fantasy basketball??

Yah i would regret that too. Your team is kinda bad. Try to play the FA market a little. Carry 1 or 2 interchangeable slots to pick up games here and there throughout the weeks... (unless the league limits your moves)..Also it wouldnt be a bad idea to add a little depth to your team. Giving up a great player for 2 good players. You could also try to target a couple categories. With your current team, i would say rebounds, blocks, fg%, TO's..because you have good big men! You may try getting a really good rebounding guard or a high % guard or forward.

1 RB to start...Jones-Drew, Betts or Dillion?

That website doesn't work.

Add details give us your team. I only saw the other teams.

You have really great starters. The problem has to be your bench.

Show us your bench players. I could give ya more info then.

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