2007 Yahoo Baseball Drafting?

This is NOT when we can register for a league. I want to know when we can DRAFT for a league. I heard it is a couple weeks after the league setup but anyone got a more precise number? Our forum league is preparing to draft on the 19th. Anyone know when the DRAFTING starts?


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If you do it on "auto" - you will be able to draft within 1st week.
If you use live draft, it will take longer depends on your league...

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First, when Yahoo starts allowing people to set up leagues, then you set up your league, and if you're the commisioner, you set the date & time of the draft.

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I think that you can begin drafting one week after registration opens, but I am not positive

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I'm pretty dure that you can register your league at midnight tonight pacific time. You can draft right away if you like and then your team should be ready in a few days. Why would you want to draft a month beofre spring training though?

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