Any baseball fantasy participants that are forming a group looking for an extra player?

sick of last year how the leagues i where in were trading no smack talking no just looking for an active league/group to join


Rattay or Grossman for Super Bowl?

When the leagues start up send me an email, and I will send you an invite. I usaually try to have at least a couple of free Head to Head leagues.

Need to decide on one guy for WR/RB Flex position (TD=6pts 20yds=1pt)?

im going to be putting together a h2h points league, it will be a yahoo plus team so its not a free team. if your interested email me.

Who is your fantisy baseball top prosepect?

sorry. its full

Possible pitching moves?

i need active mgrs.i'm replacing 4 people from last year that didnt keep their team up league will be a plus league that i'm paying for because i like setting the league up in 2 divisions.

I need some help filling the hole left by Darrell Jackson.?

same with me had boring time last yer no good grps for baseball fantasy...settin up a grp rite now 2007 open fantasy. email me @ for more info

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