Al Jefferson or Pau Gasol?

Read on yahoo that Memphis might trade Gasol for Jefferson and Rattiff (spell?). Do you think their fantasy value with drop or increase on the new team?


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Pau Gasol is better than Al Jefferson. Period.

He just came back from an injury and is already averaging 20 and 8. Expect that to continue to rise as Gasol gets back into the flow.

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I think Gasol is a very underrated, and if he changes teams he will be more invigorated. so i think the trade would be beneficial for both teams.

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I heard this new 2 day ago. I dont think there value will drop I do think that Gasol will rise though. After he said he wants to leave here i was devistated. We suck bad enough as it is but without paul we are truly hopeless

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Al Jefferson, paul Gasol hasn't been to reliable this year and al jeeferson has been doing weel ever since he got playing time because of the injuries of Paul Pierce and Wally Szerbiack

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increase cos theyll be better

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I believe it will be a plus for Pau and a minus for Al becuase we all know that Pau is better than Hakim Warrick but is Al jefferson better than Warrick? I believe Warrick and Jefferson about equal because when Gasol was injured he average about the same numbersa Jefferson. So, Jefferson could end up not getting as many minutes in Memphis.

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take pau gasol.

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