Andrei Kirilenko?

Question:Should I drop Quentin Richardson or Shaq for Andrei Kirilenko?
I/m playing in a 12 team league; head to head stats. I have Nash, Crawford, Martin, TMac, D West (NOK), Hill, Gasol, Biedrins, Barbosa, Atkins, Lewis, Shaq and Q Richardson.


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Shaq has been hurt of late and Q seems to be stuck in a void on the hapless Knicks. So go for AK-47 and I think he will help you out.

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drop shaq untill the playoffs

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ak is garbage dude, dont pick him up

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Do not drop Shaq because you'll never get him back again...someone smart will pick him up knowing that the Diesel is just waiting for crunch time to start playing some quality minutes.

Drop Q in a hurry and pick up Kirilenko. Quentin Richardson will give you points only and very little #s in any other category. Also, remember that he is on the Knicks, which means that he has to share shots with all the other shoot-happy guards...and forwards.

Kirilenko is a stat box filler. He'll give you pts, rebounds, assists, and the very valuable blocked shots.

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my question for you is how is kirilenko available in a 12 team league

in my h2h league he is about 50th overall this year, while richardson is 113th

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You could probably do without Shaq or Q. I noticed someone said that Q is ranked 113 which is true, however, he did miss several games which brought his TOTAL rankings down but his AVERAGE rankings for the season bring him to 83. But he's hardly getting any pt lately and you're better off having an extra center in my opinion so I would drop Q for Kirilenko.

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Don't pick him up unless he starts improving with Boozers absence. AKs number have been way down this year and the only thing he is above average in is blocks and steals. Keep Shaq because the end of the year is his time to shine. Just stick with Q Rich. He gives you more points, 3's, as many steals, and gets a lot of Rebounds for a SG or F position (i think 5.6 or something).

Rastabudd, your a moron Q Rich has some pretty good statistics. Q Rich stats are up from last year while AKs are down. Your a fool and stop giving advice. How many SG do you know get you 5.5 rebs a game along with 2 threes. I can pick up a crappy guy who improves one cateogry for me (blocks or steals).

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I'd wait on Kirilenko ... I drafted him high because I thought he'd have another good season and thought that Boozer might have an injury plagued one. I don't know whats up with AK47, but I dropped him about a month ago due to poor stats. He hasn't taken many shots so far this season and isn't rebounding the way he used to. The only thing going for him right now is blocks and steals ... I'd probably hold on to Shaq/Q-Rich or see who else available.

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Drop Richardson.

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chill...the way he's playin i wouldn't even drop him for chucky atkins.

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drop q rich for ak-47.

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must be some dumb people in your league for AK to be on the waiver wire, esspecially in a 12-team league. You must have the best team in the league or close to it. I don't know if you should drop anyone for AK though, he's not having a good year.

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yes. yes .yes

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