Anyone else benching Mark Teixeira?

I just can't stand him taking up roster space anymore! I am not trading him or dropping him, I know he'll come through soon enough, and then I'll be happy I have him, but I am just wondering right now, does anyone else have him benched? I got A Gonz covering first in the meantime. Let me know.


Defenses: Chargers (vs Den) or Jets (vs Buf)?

yeah i have him on the bench and have Shawn Green as my 1B, also if you look at his stats he doesn't really start lighting it up until June than he takes off from there here check it out

I need to start one receiver this week to start,pick one kennison,,caldwell,,or chambers?

Yea i also have him benched. I know he will pick it up soon but i cant handle those K's an that AVG killing me. So until he comes alive. Wiggington is doing fine covering for him an gettin me solid numbers.

Trade help!?

Of course. Texas is just hitting like... well...* unless their name is Kinsler. I swear that guy stole Tex's HRs and Young's batting avg. A Gonzalas is a great replacement for him as Tex is a notoriously slow starter. I think he had 9Hrs before the All star break last year, I traded him away and he got more than 20 the 2nd half.

Why do people reed?

For now, Yes ridin pine.

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