TE dilemma. Who to start at TE?

Question:Crumpler vs. Phi
Verno davis vs. Denver
T. Scheffler vs. san fran


What you talkin about willis?

Scheffler..Cutler's favorite receiver..and it is San Fran!

I got offered Oswalt, Posada, and Matthews Jr for?

Crumpler, look for Vick to be passing the ball to his favorite TE.

Since im the commisioner of the league, should i reverse the trade since it was an accident?


Who do I start: Cedric Benson or Willie Parker?


Oh man brees sure cost plenty of fantasy owners the championship?

I have the same problem w/Davis or Scheffler. I am going w/Scheffler. I think Phi shuts down Crumpler.

Basball Trade!?!?!?!?


Quick, I'm in a deep leauge and I'm in the finals, which is the best flex RB option.?

Motivation is funny this time of year. People get out of the hunt and people get benched, drop balls, think about next year. Scheffler is playing the team that has no future. Denver has more going than Philly. Philly they got passion but the defense will be their savior. Denver has a strong defense and a crushing line. Injuries aside Scheffler comes to play and prove something to himself.

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