(Fantasy Basketball) Rank these guards, or who are your favorites (top 5?) and why?

Question:Leandro Barbosa
Tony Parker
JR Smith
Andre Miller
Mo Williams
Luther Head
Stephon Marbury
Jameer Nelson
Jarrett Jack
Smush Parker
Monta Ellis
Steve Blake
Derek Fisher
Delonte West
Charlie Bell
Larry Hughes
Matt Carroll
Gerald Green
Jose Calderon
Jason Williams
Jamal Crawford
Devin Brown
Jannero Pargo
Chucky Atkins
Damon Stoudamire


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Some personal thoughts on each player (both positives and negatives, you be the judge)
Leandro Barbosa - Points, 3-Pts, FG%, FT%
Tony Parker - Points, FG%, Assts, no 3's
JR Smith - Pts, 3-Pts, poor FG%, #'s decline with A.I. and Melo
Andre Miller - Points, Assts, Steals, Reb, no 3's, lots of TO's
Mo Williams - Above average in most categories; job stability?
Luther Head - One trick pony- 3-pts.
Stephon Marbury - Injuries a concern; inconsistent
Jameer Nelson - Points, Assts, injury prone,
Jarrett Jack - Decent all-around
Smush Parker - inconsistent, Steals, 3's
Monta Ellis - Decent all-around
Steve Blake - could get lots of Assists in that lineup
Derek Fisher - Best contribution is FT%; won't hurt you anywhere
Delonte West - Could be very good with all the injuries in BOS
Charlie Bell - Same as West
Larry Hughes - OVERPAID!
Matt Carroll - Pleasant surprise: 3's, Pts
Gerald Green - Ditto West
Jose Calderon - Playing well with minutes: Assists
Jason Williams - Waste of Space
Jamal Crawford - Could be huge if Marbury misses time
Devin Brown - Good filler, #'s will plummet once Paul returns
Jannero Pargo - His time has passed
Chucky Atkins - Good 3's, pts. Somewhat underrated IMO
Damon Stoudamire - Injury risk, age catching up

My top 5 would be (In Order):
Tony Parker
Andre Miller
Mo Williams
Delonte West

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Mo Williams-17.3 Pts/5.3 Reb/6.2 Ast-Gets a little of everything, terrific before injury
Andre Miller-13.0 Pts/ 4.3 Reb/ 8.7 Ast- gets above average points and terrific assist
Tony Parker- 18.8 Pts/3.2 Rebs/5.6 Ast-Gets you good point and average assist
Monta Ellis-17.7 pts/2.8 Reb/ 4.3 Ast- Terrific if you need good point and adequate assist
Leondro Barbosa-16.2 pts/ 2.5 Reb/ 4.2 Ast- Good point and adequate assist

If you need help now, get Andre and Tony if you need points and assist, but if your looking more for point get tony and monta. If your team is in good shape and you can handle having a tough stretch or so def. get Mo Williams (he is hurt) but is a terrific player.

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for fantasy or real life?

for fantasy:
JR Smith - good 3 pointers, wicked dunks, they need his jump shooting with driving AI and Melo
Leandro Barbosa - good at everything especially shooting and passing
Mo Williams - excellent PG in all guard categories
Andre Miller - scoring and passing excellent
Jameer Nelson - scoring and passing, very quick

for real life most talented guards:
Mo Williams
Stephon Marbury
JR Smith
Leandro Barbosa
Tony Parker

And my personal favorites:
Matt Carroll - great shooting stroke
Leandro Barbosa - plays for Phoenix, so talented
Smush Parker - I feel sorry for him b/c he plays w/ Kobe
JR Smith - he's a beast
Derek Fisher - go Utah!

by the way Gerald Green is a SF/PF definitely not a guard (even though i think he is in fantasy.)

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For fantasy:

Tony Parker (Maybe i value fg% (in a pg) too much - i can't help it)
Mo Williams (Undeniably having a kicka$$ year)
Stephon Marbury (should be #1 too inconsistent last 2 years)
Andre Miller (assists leader - but whats happening in Philly?)
Larry Hughes (Still a badass - but also not proven himself as a Cav)

In real life:

Tony Parker (speed and smarts spurs would fall apart w/out him)
Andre Miller (great passer and huge for a pg - he's a threat)
Stephon Marbury (his past achievements keep him on my list)
Leandro Barbosa (Of course it's easy to look good when playing with Marion, Amare, Steve. but he complements them well.)
Mo Williams (good fantasy - good player - but his team keeps on losing...)

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1.Stephon Marbury
2.Charlie Bell
3.Monta Ellis
4.Jamal Crawford
5.Luther Head
Marbury has had some great games this season so he should be first. Charlie Bell was hot at the beggining of the season, but he kinda ran away from the spotlight. Monta Ellis recently made a game-wining shot. JAmal Crawford has been consistent all season long. Luther Head has been great at treys this season.

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