If I purchase Fantasy Yahoo's "StatTracker" will I.?

Have it next year as well? Or will I need to fork over the $10 bucks again? I know this is a "Yes or No" so in order to win follow up your answer with something unusual.


Fielder/Harden for Tex??

You have to buy it for every fantasy sport you play every year.

One time my friend was standing in a hole. But really we were standing next to each other in a big field with 100,000 other people. He wasn't in a hole. But he thought he was.

Who is better tracy mcgrady or clifford robinson?

what r u talking about

*Please Rate My Fantasy Baseball Team*?

no you need it to buy it every year but it works for every team in one sport. i have 4 fansty baseball teams nad a plus team so i have stattracker for all of them and i only had to pay once!

Fantasy football starters for week 16?

No, you will not have it next year, nor for any other sport. But if you can't justify $10 for up-to-the-minute stats, why think about it? Honestly, Yahoo offers a primo game for nothing. You could look at StatTracker as a donation to keep the game as high quality as possible. They do a damn good job for everyone, premium league or not. But think about it - $1.67/month for something you would use basically every day - where else can you get entertainment for that low of a price? Well worth it, and it helps keep the game free for all. I mean, what does a freaking movie cost?

MY baseball team (fantasy) give me 1-10 scale?

no (something unusual)

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