Advice for this team:?

Question:C - Victor Martinez
1B - Adrian Gonzalez
2B - Brandon Phillips
3B - Chad Tracy
SS - Jimmy Rollins
UTIL - BJ Upton (2B, 3B)
OF - Delmon Young
OF - Alex Rios
OF - Alphonso Soriano
BN - Gary Sheffield (1B, OF)
BN - Ryan Church (OF)

SP- Cole Hamels
SP - Rich Hill
SP - Scott Kazmir
SP - Bartolo Colon
SP - Oliver Perez
RP - Houston Street
RP - Brian Fuentes
RP - Jonathon Broxton
RP - Matt Capps
DL - Felix Hernandez

I am pretty confident with most of my players, however I might like to upgrade 3B with a chip from my outfielders. One owner has Garrett Atkins and Miguel Cabrera, so I was thinking of offering a trade like Soriano for Matt Cain and Garrett Atkins. Any ideas?


Should i accept this trade?

Looks like a pretty good team. You are right in trying to upgrade at 3B but don't overpay for the position.

Barry for Childress?

Don't trade Soriano. Why not throw Upton into 3B and then play the best available player at UTIL? Sheffield might come around soon, he had two hits last night didn't he? What 3B are available on the waiver wire? There are possibly guys like Beltre, Lowell and Blalock that could give you a boost over Tracy for free. Of the three, Beltre probably has the highest upside. If you just move Upton to 3B, you greatly increase your flexibility.

Someone dropped sexson should I pick him up?

Well man, I wouldn't trade away Soriano, just too valuable to you. First off, Tracy isn't that bad of an option at 3B. Personally I'm a fan of Eric Chavez, and if he's availale, and you don't want Tracy, that's another option. He's rather underrated, but has been playing pretty well this yr.

The only other week spot I see on your team is RP. Street's good, and Fuentes isn't bad either... It'd be nice to have one more though... Perhaps you could trade away Tracey and Sheffield for someone like Soloman Torres, Todd Jones, or someone. Then you could pickup a batter off the free agents listin ( of course someone hitting well) to replace Shef.

Hope this helps man, good luck.

I have been offered a trade in fantasy baseball?

First of all the trade would be good if he accepted it because Soriano is not doing well but thanks to his high rank he might accept it. Also if you have a chance, I would pick up Ian Kinsler {2b} because he would be a good pickup. Also pick up teahen.

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