A guy in my fantasy basketball league has proposed me an interesting trade? al jefferson for samuel dalambert.

it is a h2h league. THe catagories I have been doing better on are generally percentages which dalambert is slightly better on. jefferson will give me a few more points and boards which sometimes I have lost. Do you think I should unload dalambert for jefferson. It is an 18 team league, im currently in 6th so I do need to maybe make an adjustment, is this a good one?


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I would take it.

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No do not.

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The Celtics are horrible this year and have no chance of making the playoffs. But the one thing you can expect from Boston is for them to play their young players a lot of minutes. For the season, Jefferson is averaging 32.2 minutes per game, but I would expect that number to go up over the remainder of the season, so you can expect his numbers to go up a little bit as well.

With the 76ers starting Hunter along with Dalembert, I would expect Dalembert's numbers to either stay the same or perhaps even decrease.

So, I would expect Jefferson to score 5-6 more ppg than Dalembert and get about 2-3 more rpg as well. Dalembert has slightly better shooting percentages, but it sounds like your team could take that slight hit. The real question is how you are doing in the category of blocks. Dalembert will probably average 1 more block per game that Jefferson.

One other thing to consider is games remaining. From this upcoming Monday 2/26, the Celtics have 27 games remaining and the 76ers have 26.

Overall, if you can take the hit to your shooting percentages and your blocks, I recommend making the trade for Jefferson.


Nope, Jefferson is kinda hitting a wall

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I would definately do it. Dalambert is far more inconsistant than Jefferson is.

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It is hard to replace a center. Unless Big Al is listed as a PF/C I would say don't do it. Al just is not consistent.

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Take Jefferson. I have him on my team. He's def. one of the biggest sleepers this year. I have him on my team and he's a BEAST. he's only gonna get better too as the season progresses cos he's young and he's the 2nd option behind pierce.

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Man! THat's a whole ton of teams! But anyway, I would do it. It would give you one of the best young Centers in the NBA, and he has really done better overall than Dalembert. I would do it.

Who is this trade better for?

take jefferson... he has put up big double doubles for the last month

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