Is the Specialized Hardrock Sport a rugid bike that can handle BMX type use?

I plan to put bar ends on the bike and use them to jump with it and I also plan to do some BMX type tricks with a mountain bike twist.


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HeLL No!!! Buy a freeride bike!!!!

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It really depends on the setup you have. If you have rugged name brand parts, then go for it. I would check the manufactures website just to be safe

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It is not an ideal jump bike. Not a bad bike for the price and will take a reasonable amount of abuse. However, it all depends on what you mean by jumping. If it's just getting the wheels of the ground then it'll be fine, however if it's getting a large amount of air and heavy landings then no. BMX frames and parts are massively heavy and strong. A Hardrock is designed more for traveling across rough terrain rather than tricks and stunts.

I am also puzzled as to why you were want to bar ends on a bike you with to jump. Bar ends are used for getting your hands in different positions and are useful on climbs and long rides.

They will just be awkward on a trick bike and worse dangerous.

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As you have asked before, specialized bikes come with good componentry for their price - better than most! And so the bike should be quite 'rugid' as requested.

A specialized hardrock frame (depending on model -> probly not the xc) will suffice excellently for jumping, specialized frames handle very well for 'bmx' style riding and should be stronger than most brand 'x' 'hardcore', 'bombproof' e.t.c. labelled frames that are available - as long as you get the smallest frame available and just put the saddle up high for long rides.

As for the bar ends; NO! They would be very dangerous and pointless for any stunt riding. Make sure you have riser bars, these will give you a better stance for 'bmx' style riding and will give you the extra rise and comfort bar ends will give you.

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