I am planning a long cycle ride across Wales on my MTB, any tips on gear etc to take with me ?


How can i get in shape fast for racing?

condoms for the sheep - wouldn't wanna create any hybrids!

How do you ride a wheelie on a bmx bike?

keep away from the sheep

Conversion bars(details inside)?

beer and food

Would 700c size wheels fit my '79 Schwinn road bike?

the same as you would take anywere else in the uk .but you might want to bring a miners helmet so you can visit the pot noodle mines in crumlin.

Does anyone know the price of the Schwinn Moab Elite bike?


Oh, and sun-cream. You never know what the weather is going to do.

Midge repellent is a good idea. It's a particularly strong year for them, friends got really badly bitten when we were in wales the other month!

Who knows what state kicked off mountain biking?

Rubber boots and velcro gloves, Mate

I purchased a Peugot Bicycle(1982 Model). Does anyone know any sites that price these bikes based on Serial #?

Taffia Mace

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