What should i wear under my lycra shorts?

i have the problem of my boxers bunching up under my shorts and have the same problem with boxer-breifs. whats the best alternative?


Iam looking for the paint code for a 1970's mongoose motomag bmx.it is a yellow paint.does any1 have thatpaint

Bike shorts are designed to be their own underwear. The pads are designed to be smooth and not chaff your tender regions. Boxers or briefs just create huge problems.

That being said it is important to wash your shorts between every ride. Not washing is just asking for a saddle sort. If you need some more lubrication down there, some riders like to use Gold Bond powder or Udder Cream.

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tighty whitey's...but they come in other colors too :)

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Whya re you wearing lycra shorts? Wear regular gym shorts and boxer briefs under them.

How do people ride their bikes to work and not be sweaty?


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A jock or like tight briefs. I have a lot of briefs my ex was obsessed with them and bought me like 30 pairs. They work good for sports and things like that.

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You should not ever..Never ever where lycra shorts.

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lycra?...dude, nothing. never wear boxers, t. whiteys, nothing, zero. if u have a good pair of padded lycras nothing should be worn underneath. seams are bad.

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wear nothing under your cycling shorts

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try this link: http://www.performancebike.com/shop/prof...

Terramar Underwear - Stretch Brief

Keeping the moisture away from your skin is the first step in keeping warm. These briefs are made with EC2 fabric which electrostatically pulls moisture from your body and breaks it down for quick evaporation. Heather (HEA). Men’s sizes: S(28-30) M(32-34) L(36-38) XL(40-42) XXL(44-46).

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Absolutely nothing! Cycling shorts with a chamois are designed to be worn al fresco.

Boxers? That's the funniest thing I've ever read!

Why are mountain bikes sized differently than road bikes?

You aren't supposed to wear anything under your lycra. If you absolutely feel the need to wear something under them, your local bike shop should sell a cycling-specific underwear you can wear underneath your cycling shorts.

Is it easier or harder to ride uphill a 36" unicycle Vs. 24" ?

Nothing! Whatever your preference is whether you wear lycra shorts by themselves or mountainbike shorts with built-in shorts or chamois, you never wear underwear. It usually causes friction and friction is something you don't want down there.

I have disc breaks on my bycycle the back one is not very good can you help?

zero, zip, nada, zilch, nothing comes between you and your bike shorts. Most of these answers are hilarious!! So these are the people we laugh at while passing.

Underwear under bike shorts HAH snorts, laughs, sprays gatorade out my nose ;-)

I want to ride my bike to work to be more environmentally friendly. What do I need in a bike?

You do not wear ANYTHING under lycra riding shorts. Nada, zip.

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