How much would you pay for a Specialized Epic Marathon 03' in good condition?

Question:What impertant features are there to look for?
Is it true the Brain Shock holds out for years, only needing cheap replacement shock seals once in a while?
All info on this bike and difference between it and say a 06 comp or more recent Marathons would be really appreciated



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Specialized Epic Marathon 2007 is running $4200 on their site

So I would have to guess somewhere in the neighborhood of $1050 but keep in mind it;s now 4yrs old, that's just my opinion and the bike is only worth what you or someones willing to pay.

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havent got a clue sorry mate

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Well, I would pay GBP1500 because I love those bikes - probably worth around GBP1000 - could have a look on ebay to see if there is anything comparable.

I've had an Epic Marathon 03 for years - haven't had a single problem with the Brain. The only thing I would say against it is about the XTR brake calipers - they are quite an early model and always seem to be very slightly rubbing on the discs (on my bike at least).

There aren't many differences between the 03 and newer models, except the Brain has been a bit updated (I'm perfectly happy with the old Brain), and the frame material. The 03s are in the M4 alloy, and the new ones in M5 - makes a bit of a difference in the weight.

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If u r'nt buying this from a reputable bike shop then very little as there are no guarantees that it has not had shoddy repair work which will fail shortly after purchase or damage u will not c. If u still wish to buy it go to a local bike shop and ask them what to look for or even if they could check it over 4 u and spot the smaller errors. even if these problems are negligable they can help drive the price down significantly. Good Luck

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