What is the best tyre pressure for a bicycle?

I use the bicycle for excercises.


To those who have traveled by airplane and with a mountain bike?

First off, anyone saying anything below about 20 psi for ANY bike being used for exercise is off their meds!

For mountain bikes, the usual range is between 35 and 65psi depending on terrain. If you are on the road and not going onto the trails, 65psi is ideal

For a cross bike (aka a Hybrid) the tires are usually good for up to about 75psi, and since they aren't designed for dirt trails of any difficulty, they should probably stay at the max.

For road bikes, it depends on how serious YOU, your BIKE, and your TIRES are!
If you are just a standard cyclist, there is a good chance your tires are rated for between 90-110psi, and they should always remain there. Road bikes have no reason to run their tire pressure below the maximum, and even if you did, the benefits would be negligible and the problems would be many.

ALL bike tires should have a pressure rating on the sidewall, just look for the recommended maximum PSI and stick with that. If you become a serious road cyclist, there are some tires out there rated at up to or above 150psi, but they are competition use only!

And whatever you do, DO NOT use your local gas station compressor to inflate your tires unless it's your last option. They are HIGH VOLUME, HIGH PRESSURE pumps, and can easily overfill a bike tire with very little effort. This is when tires blow off of the rim and create a sharp noise that would rival the loudest gunshot, and will make everyone at the gas station hit the dirt. Okay, if you want to entertain yourself, go ahead and do it, but wear ear plugs!

Hope this helps!

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10-15 psi, it may depend on the size of your tire, read the tire it should say

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depending on the size could be between 3 to 5 lb

Road bike or Mountain bike?

I used to ride a "skinny" TIRE ten - speed bike and it required 55 psi

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It depends on what type of bike (road, mountain, etc.). Usually, on the sides of the tire there should be the range of psi to use.

It also depends on the terrain you're riding. When riding on a road, you'll probably use higher PSI than when riding on wet conditions.

On a mountain bike, you could go from 25 to 50 psi, while I think that road tires takes a lot more pressure.

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Go with what it says on the side of the tire since the pressures vary for different tires.

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Mountain bike around 50 PSI off road, 65 if riding on the road.

Road bike 700x23 100 to 105 PSI.

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It depends on the type of terrain you are riding on. If you are in the dirt,you'll want to have a few Psi's less than required.

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The optimum tyre pressure for mountian biking, to allow you good cross country and road is about 45psi. Some race riders prefer higher, taking the smoother roling resistance against comfort, since speed is the key. In this instance 70 psi is not uncommon.

For road use, between 90 and 105 psi. However, during competitions, this can be pumped up to about 130 psi. (Note: higher pressures can damage side walls).

Mitcheline test their tyres at 180 psi, as an extreme. This is not recommended for general use.

Hope this helps.


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it varies on the size and type of tire. mountain bikes generally take 45-55psi, while roadies take 100-120psi. look on the side of the tire for the max inflation pressure. ALL tires should have it. if it doesnt, ditch it and get a new one.

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