What size road bike would you ballpark for a 5' 1" woman?

Question:She'll be doing tri's, but first we want to get her comfortable on a road bike. Unfortunately, she's out of the country, so I have to ballpark to begin with. She has an 80 cm inseam if that helps.




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You cannot buy her a bike without her trying it first, ok?

She needs to be in the shop, sitting on bikes to get the fit right.

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A Harley 883 Sportster..

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a harley sportster or low rider, yeah go with the harley class mate class.

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If she'll be doing tri's, why does she need a road bike that you have to learn balance with? got it backwards, there...

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What the hell are you trying to do? Ballpark some chick? thats fackin weird. Ballparkin a girl on a road park, now thats some kinky sounding *!

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about 54-56 cm with 700c wheels
she can get time trial & triathelon bikes with 650c wheels.

you sure 80cm inseam? Is she all legs?

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I'm 5'0" and have a 52cm frame.

Hope this helps!

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I'm 5'1", 47 cm full custom frame. Even though she is out of the country she needs to try bikes, find local bike shops where she is and if she finds the perfect bike ship it here, or find the size, make and model and purchase the same here.

Even so you will need to have it fit before the event. Women my height can rarely if ever just purchase a bike sight unseen.

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riding a bike or fitting a bike is not like buying a pair of pants- and size does matter! have her there when you buy it or get a recit so she can exchange it if it dosent fit- maybe it is like buying pants afterall?!!

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a size 13 frame

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