What is a false flat? I believe it is a cycling/running related term but am not sure of the definition?


I need help with a wet, harsh cycling?

It's a road or path that looks flat, but is actually on an incline or decline.

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Jeff's right. You know you're on a false flat when you're chugging along, feeling like you're working harder than you need to, and you realize that you're on a very slight uphill.

Related terms:
- headwind - wind blowing in your face
- crosswind - I think you can figure that one
- heavy road - a road that's made of rough pavement that while not exactly bumpy, tends to slow you down. The opposite of smooth brand new asphalt (which they recently laid down on one of my favorite roads... zoooom!

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Try looking here for the terminology your seeking, the term false flat is like they answered a flat that actually has an incline.


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