What is the registration fee for the NY 5 Boro tour?

i dont remember how much it was last year and registration doesnt open till march. i think it was something like $40.


How can I fix my bike brakes?

Their website doesn't show how much but you can be reminded by email to register when the date gets closer.
Sunday, May 6, 2007

Dear cyclist,
Thanks for your interest in the Five Boro Bike Tour presented by Bike New York. The next Five Boro Bike Tour is planned for Sunday, May 6, 2007.

In early March 2007 we will send you an email reminder to visit our web site for registration information -- just click here to be added to our list of invitees to be sent reminder email posts. You will then be able to register online, by mail, by fax, or in person.

If you need hotel or bike rental information see our site pages here, or just ask and we will be glad to supply that to you too.

See you down the road. . .

What is a good diet for competitive road cycling?

It wasn't much. I did it two years ago and dont recall thinking it was expensive. The only way to find out though might be to ask them:


I have to say... personally I found this ride to be lame. They let far too many riders in. Its actually a bit dangerous, I saw a few crashes likely caused by the cramped riding conditions and poorly skilled riders... and boring as the masses go so slowly and they hold you up for traffic so frequently. I'm glad i did it once though for the curiosity and the geographical aspect (I learned a lot about NYC). If this is your thing though... enjoy it. I'd suggest you come out and do the Lancaster PA Covered Bridges Tour instead though! (or something in Vermont maybe?)

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