Is there a big difference between a men's trek bike and a women's?

I have a spiff program through work and one of the prizes I can choose is a Trek bike (hybrid). There are no womens bikes available, just mens. What would the differences be? I'm 5' 6" - would it be too big? Anything else I should consider? This is my first time getting a nice bike. Thanks for any help!


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Womens' bikes are made for people with shorter torsos, so generally, the top tube will be relatively shorter. However, a "men's" bike which is the right size should be fine for you, as long as it is fitted correctly. My girlfriend bought a Trek road bike recently and opted for a regular model over a women's specific design because it felt better. She's 5'4".

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Trek does make women's specific designs, but at 5'6" they wouldn't really benefit you. They are mostly made for petite women. Still, you want to chose the small frame size, something on the order of a 54 to 50 cm, depending on your inseam. The Trek website will give you recomendations for your height and inseam.

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The only difference- that i know of is the middle bar beneath your seat, Women's are angled, mens aren't.

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