Can custom wheels be as good as the machine made?

Like a chris king hub versus a mavic kyrsium ssl wheel. Durability versus Performance?


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I always prefer the hand built wheels. However, when you talk about machine built wheels this means more than one thing. There's the Campagnolo Bora-Ultra, which are as good as wheels get. Then there's the Bike Nashbar machine built wheel, which would probably be less reliable than a hand built wheel.
There are a couple of reasons I like hand built wheels even over the high-end machine built wheels, but the biggest thing is that they are cheap and easy to repair. If I ding the rim my hand built wheel will cost me $30 plus labor to repair. Ding that Ksyrium and you have a nice wall ornament.
A set of Campy record hubs, Velocity rims, and some double butted spokes. Straight lace a 28-hole front hub. Tie and solder the rear spokes and you will really have something.

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A custom wheelset by a good builder will always be better than machine made, components being equal.

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but the 2 you mentioned are not the same quality range.

and the custom wheel depends on the builder knowing what he's doing. but the science is pretty well figured out, the instructions are in a book called "The Bicycle Wheel" by Jobst Brandt.

I'm riding a rear wheel that's a custom on my cyclocross / dirt road bike. I used to weigh over 230lbs and did long rides on gravel roads and singletrack. After 3 years, the wheel is still perfectly true.

On the front, I have an old Performance machine-built that also is still perfectly true.

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Custom wheels are always better, people who build bicycle wheels have the special tools to build great wheel sets, every thing from truing stands to tools that can measure spoke tension. Also a good wheel builder knows that spokes need time to set in the hubs, and that the wheel will go out of true after you have ridden on them for a while. A good wheel builder will include a free retuning of a hand built wheel set as part of the cost of building your wheels. Wheel building is a skill that takes time to learn, and all good bicycle shops have at least one experienced wheel builder. To see what I mean by spoke setting take an old junk wheel apart you'll see where the spokes have stretched the holes in the hub. An experienced wheel builder will prestress the spokes to get the spokes to seat properly, but a good builder will still have you bring the wheel back for a re-true, FREE OF CHARGE !

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Absolutely, Custom would be and usually is the way to go.

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I almost have to say that the question should be "can machine made wheels be as good as hand-built". There is a reason that the truly high end wheels are built by hand.

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Yes, if you find someone that knows what they are doing. They can be just as good.

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