As an adult, what is your favorite bike story?


Choosing a mountain bike size?

You mean, my own personal expierence? Lots of 'em but I'd have to say, the first century I did in Marietta, OH. At Mile 45 I was thinking of backing out and taking the 70 mile route. A couple of girls I was riding with talked me into doing the whole thing, so then I was committed. It was cold, in the upper 40's/low 50's. I couldn't keep up with the fast guys on the flats but I could usually outperform them on the climbs, much to my surprise and delight. I waited up for the girls and at ~mile 80 they waived me off. I was cold, sore and ready for it to end. Then it started to pour. That last 15 miles I did like a reckless kid. I was having fun. I think I was getting delirious at that point. When I made it to the finishing point I was ready to go for another 50 miles.

Made me wonder what kind of masochist I was becoming. But I did it, not only the 100 miles, but 100 miles with lots of steep climbs thrown in. Hey, I did it!

What is a written plan for a overnight trek?

when i was a teenager we road into and old grain elevator with large holes where th silo's used to be . we would jump either over the holes or drop down to a lower level. it was lots of fun but seriously stupid . the holes went all the way to the bottom if we had missed the next landing -it would have killed us for sure . the grainery was like ten floors high. we lived on our bikes back then. man now that was adventure.

How do you true a wobbling wheel?

Got a million of 'em. But I always like the time I was on my favorite local trail after a rain. the heavy rain had washed a huge rut into the trail. I made the mistake of looking at it, and my front wheel went into the rut.

I knew I was going to endo, so I uncllipped from the pedals, swung my feet around the handlebar and miraculously landed on my feet, and since I knew there was a bunch of hikers watching, I struck a pose like a gymnast sticking a landing.

All the hikers started clapping and yelling stuff like "Oh, that gets a 9.7 from the German judge..."

Ok, who's it gonna be... TDF 2007?

Just reading the book of Lance Armstrong's -It's Not About the Bike will absolutely inspire ANY biker, both a roadie or hammerhead. Lance will always have skeptics and cynics to haunt him for winning the Tour de France consecutively in 7/8 long years! His stories are remarkable and proves his professional talent as the world's BEST to this day. The other cyclists have spilled, surrendered, threw in their towels while Lance blasted the French Alps to victory----and the critics can eat their rubber claiming he took enhancing drugs---HA! LANCE IS KING!

Advice on unicycles and unicycle learning in the East Bay: Oakland, Berkeley, San Leandro?

I went out to do RAGBRAI and there was a Triplett or whatever it's called. A 3 rider. Really nice, custom made in England, reynolds 831 I think with hydrolic brakes and stuff.
They needed someone to take the 3rd spot because their guy was injured. It was a century day and raining. We were going about 37 miles an hour on the flats. All I could think about was if we hydroplaned and crashed I was a goner. Also, we had a lot of drafters, but would drop the ones that couldn't ride a straight line. I was flirting away with all the cute bikers.

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