What is a good average speed for bike racing?? (cat 5)?


Has anyone done a bicycling touring trip in Malaysia?

maybe 25mph.

Who here rides a bicycle for exercise?

If you can average 28 to 30, you are right where you want to be. But remember to alternate your days and speeds, with intervals every other day.

The average speed on the flats in the TDF is 34 mph or so.

(Brzo, I am talking the avg on the FLATS, not the overall Tour)

Who invented the light for bikes ?

For a cat 5, I would say 22 to 25 during a race. I average that and I am pretty competitive. And by the way, the average speed at the TdF is not 34 mph. The fastest avg was 25.882 in 2005.

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Bike races are not won by average speed. They are won by bursts of peak speed, and by longer sections of "threshold" speed.

Work on your sprinting (15-30 seconds absolute max), and 2-5 minute intervals "above threshold" for best effect.

If you're young you can handle 3x week of these workouts. No more. If you're over 35 like me and you have a real job, 2x/week is all you can handle.

Group rides are good, but only 1x/week. The other times, you want to control the structure.

Where can you ride your motor cross bike legaly in Ipswich Qld Australia?

25 avg but should be able to maintain 33 in the flats for a few minutes

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