How much would a mtb build out cost at a bike shop?

Has any one ever got a build out done before?Basically I am going to strip of my parts from my mtb and transfer it to a new mtb frame? I was wondering how much a local bike shop might charge? Or what is the average charge for a bike shop to do a build out?I will take the parts off , the bike shop just has to put the parts on the frame. Any suggestions or ideas


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Uncle Neal would know, he works in a bike shop (I think?)

Anyway, you probably already know this but keep in mind that all your parts might not work on the new bike (sizes, etc) and besides since it's a new bike why not spring for new cables and pads and grips etc?

Also, when you strip 'em off take the opportunity to clean them up and check for wear / stress risers / cracks, esp your bars and stem.


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100 bucks is a reasonable price for this

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