Whatever happened in that floyd landis dope scandal?


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He's still trying to get his appeal heard. Basically, the US authorities are dragging their feet on giving him a hearing, which is the usual strategy.

Details here:

I don't know if he's guilty, but the case is certainly starting to smell funny to me...

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He's waiting for the USADA's hearing (sometime in May), depending on their ruling, he is set for appeal in front of the AFLD late in the summer. Although not declared the winner anymore of the 2006 Tour de France, he hasn't been officially stripped of his title. Eveything is just in limbo.

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He's still working on his appeal. A USADA decision is expected later this year, perhaps June. A WADA decision, originally scheduled for February, should be late this year. In exchange for the later WADA decision, Floyd has agreed not to race in France until after Dec 31, 2007. It looks more and more like the French lab's mishandling of the evidence will help Floyd out.

Although the Tour organizers don't recognize him as the 2006 winner, he still hasn't been officially stripped of the title.

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