What are The Effects of Sprint Running Training on Sloping Surfaces?


How much to ship a bike across the country?

Ahhh... hill sprints. I use them in the winter for cycling training, and whenever I travel for work and can't ride.

They're awesome. Find a hill or some stairs. Run up (10-30 seconds sprinting), walk down, repeat until you're unable to run all the way up.

Elegant simplicity but just about the toughest workout you can imagine.

Effects: increased vo2max (this is documented in peer reviewed double blind studies). Improved (faster) recovery time from max efforts (measured by %vo2max and pulse).

Translation to the bike: you'll be able to sprint over short hills much easier, climb standin much easier and with confidence that your legs and lungs will hold up, and once you sit down over the top and spin, you'll recover much faster and be able to hammer again.

Good stuff.

p.s. if you do hill repeats on a bicycle, it's also excellent training and since it's "specific" to cycling your benefits will be even better.

How do you ride your bike with out training wheels?

If the surface is an incline, then you'll get a better workout cardio wise, and so to say a partial strength training session for your leg muscles. Don't forget the protein afterwards=p Downhill...maybe too much speed heh.

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