"Auto Pilot"-Do U Really Know Why He Say So?


How many times in a test cricket a ball passed through the stumps but the bails did not fall ?

it is aircraft flight system which air craft can fly with out help of pilot.i was an aircraft engineer for 15 years.if you want in detail
please contact me.

Gotta feeling South Africa are gonna win the cricket world cup-are the Aussies as good as they were?

i think this question has no work to do with cricket. but auto pilot is an airplane system made for the benefit of pilot.

Who in the indian cricket team should resign or be fired ?

Automatic Pilot, but what is the link between Auto Pilot and Cricket

There is a general opinion that pitches for fast bowling is good and that for spinners are bad.?

Most recently in Yahoo cricket world cup edition gave an interviev with Ricky Ponting
he said that he has nothing to do ecxept batting & fielding
others do their job Australia is like AUTO PILOTtha t driven by itself.
so gyes know what to do they just do it & BEAT OTHERS . NO ONE CAN BEAT auto pilot

What can take india to win world cup?

i dunno

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