Can Canada cricket team win this 2007 World Cup?

Question:If no is your answer, Why is that CANADA team selected?
Can we call the cricket matches played against CANADA as matches against small School boys team?


Mrf cricket bats?


How the bowling speed is measured in cricket game..?

certainly they are world champs at 2070 ha ha ha

Do BCCI have guts like PBC?

Yes...anything can happen in this betting zamana.

Who thinks that the west indies have a chance of winning the worldcup after their performance yesterday?

Nothing is impossible cricket , the game of chance.

Live telecast for cricket without download?

No, they are just learning cricket. Let them stand on their feet first, later walk.

How many players are there in a criket team in one side?

NO, canadians have nothing better to do...

SACHIN is a tiger.?

Only one team can win the world cup. each one has more or less probability to win the same. More countries are added to enhance the popularity of the game. Today Canada is at bottom, It will reach on the top if it starts to play irrespective of the chances of grab the cup.

Whos better sachin tendulkar or ricky ponting??

Yes any country can win.

Who;s going to win again aussV west indians?

not this time not
i want to ask u that in 2003 there was no possibility that kenya could go to that extent they were selected similarly canada is selected
minnows are only included to popularize game inthat part of the world remember that once india was also minnows
also cant call team of canada as school boys team

Is cricket match streaming through sgstream legal?

no canada team will not win the world cup. they had selected among the teams who is trying to qualify in the worldcup

What is the national game of pakistan ?

its not possible for them to win a single match...
they have given an opportunity cos to encourage them and make them play lot of cricket so that they can come back one day, but if u dont give opportunity to them they will get demotivated and i dont think so they will be motivated.

Who is Best Sachin Tendulkar or Brian Lara?

No a chance man.In fact the onlt international match they play is the world cup.

How often is the cricket world cup?

No Canada must not win the world cup 2007, but they will have an experience to play with big players and big teams.

Did irfan pathan desire a position in worldcup indian team?

Yes canada can win the world cup... when an elephant lays eggs

Is the reason why india lost the cricket cos they are crap?

According to me any team can win this world cup. It just needs a lot of practice.

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