Are the English just bad losers?

On the way to work this morning I heard a radio presenter really taking the mick out of the South Africans and making jokes at their expense because of the cricket. I remember last year how the Portuguese were on the receiving end. Is this justified? Are the English really the best sportsmen and the rest of the world cheaters? Come on.


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Well isn't this a popular little question.i can't be bothered reading the 140 odd answers before I put my penny's worth in. All I can say is that all teams win and lose the same way. England are no different to any other losing team (except that their coach is still alive.just, and their captain hasn't resigned.yet!). If England were winning, they would be of the same arrogance as the Australians. They're all the same.they're human emotions. We've all got arrogance and pride in us and the ability to sulk and spit the dummy and blame everyone else when things don't go our way. Don't just brand the England team bad losers.we ALL are at times.

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Absolutely, it´s no secret.

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no we are not the portuguese are cheats and foot ball is becoming crap with all this play acting. as for cricket there has been alot of coruption in this sport and i really dont care who wins as long as its not the aussies i think nz will win.

Hes up to the wicket now and he bowls?

We're not bads losers at all. We're very good at losing - we do it all the time!

Any one of Asian team will win the ICC world cup-2007 trophy.comments please.?

Bad sportsmen always blame there tools.

Yes England doesn't like to be defeated I've had this debated with my boyfriend and he's from England and I'm from Wales. He blames the team, the ball, the crowd, the referee, and the weather etc etc etc So from my boyfriends comments yes bad loosers as for the rest of England I don't know just going by what I've heard from my boyfriend and his chums.

Sri Lankans in this world cup - will they have a chance?

They are!

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they are losers full stop. english jokes suck .us south africans have a better sense of humour. if ur parents beat u up u should go live with the english cricket team coz they can't beat anyone.

Who hosted the previous cricket world cup in 2003?

Very bad losers indeed . even in the newspapers, the article about South Africa is so small with a miniscule picture of Andrew Hall. They don't(or can't) give credit where it's due. We outclassed them full stop. They don't know how to handle criticism and always retaliate as if we're attacking them. Maybe someone should tell them that admitting that you have a problem, is the first step to recovery!

Which is the best cricket player in the world?

England are some of the best sportsmen in the game even if they aren't the best at playing it! English cricket fans are also able to take defeat better than any other sports fans, we appear to appreciate the game better than others.

I spent last Christmas in Australia watching England give the Ashes back to the Aussies. On the last day of the MCG test, having spent all the test match monotonously chanting "Warney, Warney" the Australian fans disappeared from the ground the moment the last wicket fell - leaving the English fans to cheer Warne as he did his final lap of honour around the ground.

Is cricket one of the big sports in Australia?

bad losers, and you'd think that they should be used to it by now!

Do Tamilians (people from Tamil Nadu) support Muralitharan, although he plays for Sri Lanka?

Cricket is for teams no good at soccer like S.Africa, New Zealand...... AND ENGLAND

I'm having a Cricket+Maths question with my grandfather, and I need an answer to it.?

portugal did cheat lol
but who likes to lose ? i certainly don't
it doesn't bother me win or lose as long as the match was fair,it annoys me when england lose and people start fighting about it though.

What BCCI should do to improve selection of talented Indian cricket team?

We are just losers at the moment.

Should we always complaint about poor cricket performance?

Not just bad losers but some are bad winners also.

Would SRI LANKA Win The World Cup?

Are you?

Help! Does anyone know anywhere in Penang that will be showing the cricket world cup final today??

It seems to me that we English are actually quite skilled when it comes to losing.

Now when Inzmam has shed tears in his press conference, do you still believe that Ireland match was fixed?

We English are fantastic losers!

We can lose at any sport you can name, football, rugby, cricket, the lot! You name it, we've lost it.

I am thinking of creating a sport that only English people can do brilliantly. Thats it, we'll have lager louting at the London 2012 Olympics!!

Did yee stare at wor lass?

Is there a Wales Cricket team, or does the England Cricket team incorporate Wales?

if ENGLAND lose at anything, they always claim they were cheated, they are the worst losers anywhere

Do u think that Iandian Cricket team bowling is good enif to win world cup?

They shouldn't be bad losers, they've had enough practice at it.

Do you think sri lanka?

Nonsense! We are the very best losers in the world.
If it weren't for these pesky cheating foreigners we'd be World Campions in EVERYTHING!

Has anyone played for England at both cricket and football .?

The British media are jackals and seemingly without morals...if England win they are lauded to high heaven and predicted to blow away the entire world with their brilliance, nothing can faze them...two days later after a bad loss and the media rip them to shreds, worst team ever, shame, shame, shame. The teams are put under a ridiculous amount of pressure from the media, they should be allowed to just play their game!
It's pathetic. (Sports isn't the only area where i'm fed up with the British media...)


Who was the first ex-Ranji trophy player to umpire in a Test match?

Yes - we are really bad losers. Always that the our team were performing pathetically, rather than the other team did extremely well, or that the ref was biased, etc.

How to watch live stream cricket world cup matches on a MAC? is there anyway?

2 points:

1. Cricket ain't a sport, so lets knock that on the head right now.

2. How did Portugal cheat? All I can remember is the Shrek look-a-like stamping on Carvalho's nuts, oh yeah, and Ronaldo had the audacity to wink at the bench, wow.

Grow up and take a beating when its handed to you, everyone else takes it.

Sorry, but could we also stop calling it "British"? Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland don't act like idiots when we get horsed, so please dont group us all together!

Who is the best one-day player in Australian Cricket Team?

Nope we're Great Losers, just Bad Winners!

Indians: is it hard watching Cricket ever since India got knocked out?

The thing is that there is so much hype around every sporting event the English teams go into that the public eventually believe that not only the team or individual will win the competition but that they are put on earth to do it. And then finally when they lose the general public and media blame any one but the team or individual because they feel that they are so good they should have won so must have been cheated out of it by someone else so then they go on a mission to blame someone which then leads to players being dropped and managers sacked etc.

We can never accept that they were beaten by the better player or team.

How to watch world cup cricket on internet in thailand?

Haven't you noticed that whenever the Brits don't win their game (irrespective of what they are playing), there is always an excuse for it. So and so was not well, the pitch was not up to scratch, the weather was not favourable, or the guys were just having an 'off' day. Come on - the better team won and that's that!! Yahoo ... well done South Africa!!

How many countries contribute players to the West indies cricket team?

No, we're just crap at cricket! We invent these sports, sell them to the rest of the world. and then the rest of the world beats us at them.

Does a draw count in a whitewash?

i live in Australia and when the English were here recently the Aussies gave them a good thrashing they lost every game and we won the ashes but they wont let us keep them in australia which i think is wrong. the only game they won was there last one in Australia and that was because three of our best players had retired by then before that game Shane Warne being one of them and they were not very happy chappies

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The English sore losers how are we, we are the greatest and the most famous country ever we made most of the world what it is today and invented most of the sports. GG

Ricky Ponting Cricket?

Well, we certainly shouldn't be as we get plenty of practice at losing.

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