After poor show in world cup, Sachin is firing all cylinders in the domestic cricket. Any comments to offer?


I'm absolutely disgusted by the umpires in this recently concluded Ind-Sa Test Series??

are you still following what that loser has to offer ?

He has not won a BIG game for India for almost 10 years , yet everyone wants to worship him , like he is a God.

He is not a God, he is a model, making crores , but still too stingy to pay the customs duty (like an ordinary citizen) for the free Ferrari he got from Fiat.

What you think who will win this cricket world cup? I am supporting South Africa!?

thats his job. doing what he can.

What is the score of cricket between india and west indies?

Pay sportsmen v. little for losing and see the results long-term. Carry on treating them like kings for hitting/kicking balls around and receive the respect and efforts due to people who think games are that important.

Does anyone believe our pampered crivketers can win the World Cup?

Since he is performing well in the domestic tournaments, he will not be dropped from the Indian Team soon. If he continues to perform well in international level also, it will be good for Indian Team

R 2 much crazy abt cricket rather than our day 2 day works,why v become sad ourself?

Please take some rest in geriatric ward.

Does anyone know a GOOD source for watching the world cup free LIVE?

It is better he regains his confidence before continuing in the team.Let him not be in a hurry to retain his place in the team.When he returns let his bat talk louder.

What is the powerplay in the cricket these days?

ooooooooo god.i really don't like Sachin...he's just having a ball!!.I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM!.. he is just enjoying with goverment's and other peoples' money!...he needs to improve.HE IS TERRIBLE!!

Wat are chances for pakistan to win the cricket world cup?

he will have too.or he will be droped out of team

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