20-20 championship will be more fun dan this Cricket world cup 2007..more below?

Question:ICC Twenty20 World Championship 2007 Fixtures
September 2007
11South AfricavWest Indies20/20Wanderers Stadium18:00
12New ZealandvKenya20/20Kingsmead10:...
13West IndiesvBangladesh20/20Wanderer... Stadium10:00
14Sri LankavKenya20/20Wanderers Stadium19:00
15Sri LankavNew Zealand20/20Wanderers Stadium14:00
15South AfricavBangladesh20/20Newlands...
16C1vD220/20Wanderers Stadium10:00
17D1vC220/20Wanderers Stadium18:00
18B1vD120/20Wanderers Stadium14:00
18A2vC220/20Wanderers Stadium18:00


Do u think that the teams like bermuda,bangladesh,zimbabwe,ireland should play world cup?

for me its just mickey mouse cricket that has been invented to attract the non believers,yeah its good to see the big hits but what else does 20/20 cricket have? and what credibility does the winner get-i mean who cares who wins a 20/20 championship. sorry mate I'm a bit more on the traditional side.

20/20 is no world cup, no matter how bad this one has been organised by the icc,lets hope the finals are great and our last memories of this world cup are good ones

Name the 3 W's of west indian cricket?

i know the fixtures . But yea it probably will coz Twenty-20 is all about big hits n all. We will b treated to fantastic batting. the bowlers will give it their best too.

IF Bollywood replaced by Indian Cricket team ...So how team would like be?

It would be a cracker. World Cup 2007 is dragging and boring. Hope atleast semis are interesting.

Why are there boundary ropes around cricket grounds these days?

yes the 20-20 world cup will be more fun than the odi world cup with India and Pakistan in the same group.

thank you for sharing the fixtures with the sports1234.com team.

Will india get a chance if the match abonded today ?

I think 20/20 will be more exciting as there will it will be more entertaining and action packed as compared to ODI.

Can this be happen?

I think 20-20 will replace ODI (50 overs) some day.
20-20 = more interesting, more hitting (6's) etc.
ODI (50) = slow game, bored fans etc.

Can you point out any single shortfall or defect in the Australian Cricket team?

Too much of cricket will make players and fans tired.
ICC should think more about players rather than scheduling useless tournaments.

Who is the greatest cricket player in the world?

I don't think the test-playing nations will field their top players for this tournament (unless they want to have a fun time out there) - but the tournament should be very exciting, in my opinion.

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