07/5/22 pak vs sl match is live now who will won ?

pakistan are 88-6 can pakistan won the match ? need 209 runs in 29 overs captain is still on bat


Is ganguly_dada@rediffmail.com saurav ganguly's email ID?

hi hamza dhar,
yes buddy,captain malik gave lone fight.
but Lions were too god to pakistan.
the ground condition suited pakistan.
Sri lankans fought couragously against all odds,
even in the first match Sri Lankans were done mainly by
Afridi & Luck.

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i dont think so that pakistan will win this match..bcoz it is a fix match

Has anyone played for England at both cricket and football .?

hoorah,srilankan lions will won

Who won have the cricket world cup and when and where?

I dont think pakistan wil win.
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Pakistan have lost the match as they were all out for 181 runs.

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