51 ODI in 46 Days Cricket World cup 2007 best wishes all the teams but i think south africa gonna win ?



What do you think on Woolmer's death?

Every team has its chances.
But I hope India should lift it.

Mark Nicholas, SkySports Cricket.?

no not a chance,bcoz the the tigers are on the rampage,india is the winner of this world cup-07,no doubt about it,may south africa is the second best team.

How u become a cricketer?

But Dont Known Why U Guys Always Think Negative We Will Win.

When will the dead PITCHES in INDIAN CRICKET be converted into BOUNCY TRACKS?

Fraid not.

Australia may fail this time which leaves it open.

I feel WI may just pull something off, if not Sri Lanka.

What is the highest run partenership in ODI and what is the second highest run partenership in ODI?

Out of all the team participating in the world cup one team i don't want to win is the south african team. They have no class like the australians, indians, and the britisher have.

Cricketers who were found to be using performace enhancing drugs.?

i think Pakistan will suprise every one and may get to the finals if they are lucky!!

otherwise i predict South Africa VS Australia will be the final match but i dont know who might win

GOOD LUCK TO ALL TEAMS !!!!!!!!!!...

What do u think is the basic loophole in d failure of indian cricket team in the world cup??

No, India win this worldcup.

Which channel in Australia will show world cup 2007 cricket matches?

no asian team for sure....so its gonna b south africa or west indies

In which year India won the Cricket World Cup ?

australia r going to win

What is I.C.C. stand For?

how can u surely tell south-africa will win
At last moment everything can change

How can I watch India Vs West Indies Cricket match on internet for free?

may be but wait for the result

How will aussies cricketers go home from barbados by which flight?

Bset wishes only for my motherland INDIA

Whose cricketer 4s hits in one over?


Whether the police will find out the culprit who murdered Bob woolmer?

International Test
Team Matches Points Rating
Australia 43 5807 135
2 England 47 5344 114
3 Pakistan
38 4092 108
4 India 38 4056 107
5 Sri Lanka 36 3686 102
6 South Africa
42 4274 102
7 New Zealand
28 2602 93
8 West Indies 33 2378 72
9 Zimbabwe 15 415 28
10 Bangladesh 22 48 2

International ODI
Team Matches Points Rating
Australia 44 5633 128
2 South Africa 36 4595 128
3 Pakistan
34 3780 111
4 New Zealand 35 3818 109
5 Sri Lanka 43 4675 109
6 India 47 5084 108
7 England 36 3806 106
8 West Indies 39 3956 101
9 Bangladesh 35 1454 42
10 Zimbabwe 34 755 22
11 Kenya 9 0 0

Mandira Bedi a TV host of Set Max has done lot of damage to ICC Cricket World Cup 2007. Pls give your comments

its confusion between new eland,England,s.a

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