A cricket ground has been devided into off side and on side. How these naming conventions came to use?

Who first used these conventions and whats the reason behind such conventions? The words like long-on, mid-on, covers, mid wicket, third man, silly point what do they meanreally?


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They are based on a criteria. For ex., long-on and long-off. For the batsmen, that area is the longest area to reach because of the 22 yard pitch. So, that's 'long'. If it is on 'on' sid,e it's long-on and so.

Slip is from it's liternal meaning. Batsman may slip the ball by mistake. So, you have 1,2,3 etc.,

A square cut is something the batsman playes 'square' (right angle) to himself.

If you look through them, then you will definitely find some reason behind most of them.

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your off side is at your left if you are lefty your off side is on your right if you are a righty
they your legside the on side because that side you the on ofent

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For details about the terminology used in cricket, please check the following link:


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