Again australia pick up the world cup! its any miracle or win of teamwork & zeal.?

Australia continuously picking the world cup, its like a miracle, no other team able to stop them. what is the reason behind it?


Can anybody?

yes you are right this is zeal & team work which support them to pick up again the world cup. Australia is the team, that put history. They have effort more & they deserve that. The newzealand team only can stop him but bad luck they are lose by srilankan. Sri lanka is also the best, but due to non zeal they lose the match.

Who is the best keeper in the world?

my friend it is just simply pure skill , aussies have a lot of that

Do you need wind or a breeze to swing a ball?

Itsits the result of the hard work they put in from last 20 years right frm the era of allan Border to till date.

Will india go to the semifinal in world cup?

They are the best,the rest of the world is not good enough to beat the great Australian team.
the only place the other teams can fight for is the second place.
for many more years Aussies are going to rule circket.

Does pakistan always win cricket matches held on friday?

they have the best team spirit in the world !!
that's why they won the cup and the indian team stunk!!

When is the cricket world cup starting(2007)?

it is the teamwork

How can i watch 2007 cricket on internet?

Its their skill. they take lots of interest in cricket. they play well try new things but @ same time don't take it to the extreeme extent.

In the CRICKET WORLD CUP 2007 India lose form Sri Lanka who is the one responsible for this?Why?

They worked hard for it and they deserved it.

Why did harmison have to quit so early from ODI'S?

Mr. Gilly took drugs of banned substance for players
asstralia has the past those things are not new for them
Shane woene took drugs and he was banned for 1 year
Gilchrisst did it too
and this time he took squash ball too
what a bunch ofcheating players
shame for elite panel umpires daryl Hair
that squshed "ball" of Gilcrist

The best support from Umpires.


Bad weather

Sunday final reserved day denied by ICC..bufoons

Putting a Squash Ball in a Batting Glove is illegal
by ICC laws.Infact any thing...But one ausie did it.
So keep your mouth shut about it..!
that's why i say ,..This was a "Staged -drama" to award Australia the 2007 world Cup.
no body like to accuse gilchrist nor australia.
whem Cronje did this it was abig hue & cry.
when Asie does that everybody accept it.
too bad man, disguting.but now
some people start to say it was More .Like "WWF"- Wrestling Drama, everything went on according to the script.Whilst I am not that happy nesessarily, that Australia has won the World Cup.But I feel for Sri Lanka who never really had a decent chance to chase the Australian's total. A "Terrible end to a Disappointing" World Cup which has done nothing to advance the game.
I believe that Australia is fighting unit and would have not beaten Srilanka over 50 overs.But having the final reduced to 38 overs and then played in the dark was a Joke.

Both teams should be given a fair opportunity. I ask the Sri Lankan supporters who have been so outspoken in their dispair of Australian supporters (only gentemen-not some good 4 nothing hooligans) not to blame Ausies for this farce.

Instead Blame the ICC who seem to make up rules as they go along. Personally I would have liked to see the match moved to Sunday so that we could have a real game of cricket and not the joke that ensued.
AUS got WC 2007 , but SL played under pressure.When the Final was on the same time their Capital city was attacked by Terrorists.Rain took over the match.
Toss was the ridiculously deciding Facter.
Sri Lankan Players got the .....
"Terrorists attacking Colombo"- news and Panicked ..
and that did not exactly helped to Lankan course to Victory

Their(Cricketers) kids wives & parents all living in Colombo.
They dont know how far it affected ,towards > target & Bad light as well as Rain.

And even limit the final to 25 overs. ( In rainy day even kid knows dark will come soon in evening )
Begining ICC has to limit this game to 25 overs or call to next day.
But ICC & organizers want "Business" than the cricket game.
No doubt AUS is a good team.
So how SL or any other team can face "OZ" in bad lights?
This is the worst game I ever saw. Organisers had no common sense at all. they did according to the "Script" that Somehow or other "Australia must Win"
We were in no need of the victory so badly like Australia.
But we don't want like this stupid End either.

we did not bribe Umpires.we didnot Bragged either.
I again wish,Long live asian Cricket.
It can hurt ausies a bit ,i surely know.But ICC descrimination towards Asian players ? Can it be Pardened?
Dissapointing world cup Ever.2007

when in Australia once Murali Was bowling The Racist australian crowd shouted that " no Ball"
Inthat match whenever Muralitharan took the Ball..
these so called Noble Australian Racist shouted
" no Ball"." NO ball"...
they chanted all the while.
anybody ,objected?
I dont think so...Sir..I dont think so...Sir

Have any stood up against it ?SOME Fans..EH?
some cricket loving fans...
Parden them? you gonna say that?
when we now criticize them what they do?
They use dirty language..They use dirty language..
But.. they get away all the time..why?
Cuz they R so good at acting Innocent..

Hail to Thee.. The Galent Sri Lankans(Lions)
Hip Hip Hurray

Which is the easier ball to play, the googly or the dhoostra?

reason is there teamwork and confidence

Is This The Best Asia Cup Cricket Idea?

May be Aussies have zeal, teamwork etc. But if you will read the reports in the newspapers, there is this squash ball allegation which Gilchrist is rumoured to have put in in his batting gloves. If this allegation is proved(what a pity, the ICC is not opening its mouth on this!!!!!) and Gilli's performance is taken off, don't you see Sri Lankans won. Hats off to Sri Lankans to have played a fair game..

Which bowler has the record of having taken most wickets in the world cup?

Again I will say their Mental attitude, confidence & infrastructure for cricket back home in AUS.

How can INDIAN team win the woeld cup if there will be no any coach Chepal?

Aussies play for their team and their country not for themselves.
never let a mate down!

Australia vs west indies cricket live stream?

It's sheer domination over WORLD CRICKET


It is very much expected and they deserve to win this world cup

Will pak win the second test at prot elezabeth?

No other team is working like them and is not taking this game as seriously as they do ! thats why !

Which site i can go to purchase icc world cup cricket tournament?

my friend australia is best bcs they are together not like groups in indian team.

Who is best Sachin Tendulkar or Mohammad Yousuf?

it was miracle

Answer it.?

The strategy of Australian both in side the cricket field & out side clicked was very well. It was a long drawn plan of last four years. They have shaped their team very well and made a formiddable team before this world cup. On the other hand, as a out of cricket field stategy, they have arranged to send their ex-players to most of cricketing countries as coach with a instruction to shaped the teams in a way that they could not face the australians in the field. Greg chappel has followed the instructions of his motherland line by line.

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