Anyone else have a major crush on Freddy Flintoff?

I love watching him running towards the camera. Can't believe anyone could prefer Beckham to Fred.


Sourav ganguly should have made the captain again ?

Yes, he's gorgeous. Beckham is a big jessie

What's your favorite team in cricket world cup?

i agree...he is so dreamy.who was he again?

In 1 day cricket interntl who has:-Either chased & won by 10 wkts OR b] batted full 50 ovrs w/out lsng a wkt?

Personally he's really not my type! I prefer dark hair. I can kinda see the attraction though.

Semi final fixture...??

Whilst I admired (to some extent) his stoic shouldering the responsibility of the crushing defeat deservedly experienced in the pitiful Ashes campaign, he has since proved to be an ABSOLUTE TOSSER!!! re/the drunken stupidity in the Caribbean.

Why was the Kenya v South Africa match of the 1999 Cricket World Cup played in Amstelveen?


South africa or Australia?

If compared to David beck ham he is all yours,Iam sure no one will prefer him.

Will Dish Network show warm up matches of cricket world cup?

I don't personally (not that way inclined), but I suppose any women who fancy him could dream of being whisked away to the West Indies on holiday with Freddie, and taken for a ride on a Pedalo.

Just make sure you have lifejacket handy.

Will India make up to super 8?

he's a man and a very unreliable one for a fact he's married to rachel flintoff

Who is the First Muslim Captain for Indian Cricket Team?

ya i agree to u my dear frnd freddy looks wonderful ya i too can't believe any one comparing becham to fred . freddy is a cool customer very nice and balanced man and he has awsome looks- there r articles on him for this contact-
have a nice day my dear frnd!!!!!!!!!

When was the first cricket world cup held?

Not me. P8ss-head.

How to improve foot work in cricket?

the most attractive cricket team in the world has to be the pakistan team!
they got shoiab akhtar, shahid afridi, shoiab malik, mohammad asif and imran nazir to name a few!

u shud check them out cus the girls all over the world are crazy about them!

I have got candle wax all over the carpet ,how do i remove it ?

He is lovely ...

Can i know the cricket score india vs srilanka?


Why cricket players face injuries problem very early?

He's my third choice in the England team - First choice for me is Paul Collingwood and coming in second is Ed Joyce. Now they've got "talent" yumm!!

Is there any online website that shows indian cricket live for cheap or free?

How can u have "a major crush" on a horrible looking guy?? Take a look at Shane Bond ( he's got the looks)!

Who won the maximum number of man of the match award in world cup cricket?

to be honest people have different tastes so some would agree with you and many would not

personally i think that the best looking cricketer has got to be kevin peterson and im sure many ppl disagree with me but its just my opinion

Web link for pakistan and srilanka one day match and India v/s bangladesh test please?

yeah my girlfriend

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