Are Pakistan team selectors ,Brave to "drop" Afridi ?

Question:Pakistan cricket must be brave to drop him in ODIs.
I guess they have reasons***
YES,he is a big hitter & Sporadic performer.

i dont agree that he is a "Test" material.
He is Better ODI Player for sure.
but he is not a "big -stage" player either.
some say...he's more of a "Utility- player".
Selecters look at him only when ,..
stable young batsmen are Lacking in
current Pakistan domestic Cricket.
am i correct?

"Boom- Boom" plays better with sub-continent teams.
he has uncanny ability to destroy Sri Lankans too..
atleast ,it's +point 4 him~~~~

guys,No offence,this is not a verbal War.


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Afridi is not that great a batsman. What is the point in being a big hitter when you plan to gift your wicket to the opposition on more than three occasions in the same innings? Afridi has got a lot to learn & adapt good cricketing shots if he is to become a top class player. I don't blame him at all for his aggressive approach, but he's got to develop a lot more skills to succeed as an attacking batsman, which he hasn't done as yet.

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Yes he's a better ODI player than a Test player. He's in the current squad playing the ODI series against Sri Lanka.You have finally yourself let the truth out in the final part of yr question. Yes he plays or he is at his murderous best playing against sub continent teams especially India. Other teams have agile fielders and so his heroics don't often work with them and his bowling is also mediocre.

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His an great allrounder player
& he can win machs own

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He is not the great batsman but a complete ODI player he can bowl, bat and field. He is true match winner, If he stay for 10 over he can change the whole complexion of the game like he did Friday night.

Think If Murali doesn't bowl up to yours expectation for consecutive 2-3 series will you drop him, answer is no.

I hope you understand

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yeah i agree with u . he is areal talented n gutsy player on subcontinental pitches n esp against srilanka his record is commendable.
That is why we call him BOOM BOOM Afridi !!!!!!
he rocks

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Shahid Afridi is defenitely a utility player in One Day cricket as his servicescan be used as a bowler besides being a hard hitter. He is capable of demoralising any bowling attach on his day. However, he is is not at all consistent in his performance and that is the reason why he could not cement his place in the Pakistan Team.

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He does not take batting that serious and this is a reason he could not get technicaly better yet..But being an alrounder he is a useful player for Pakistan for sure ! as you see today he could not bat but did manage to pick three wicktes... so he does perform in one or other department thats why he is a verstile player! yes he is not a test material ..he fits best in ODIs only !! i woud just say, he is best in whatever way he plays...He can't change at this stage and he would go on with this style..'either hero or zero' ..!no chance of improvement and i would not suggest any change either !

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i agree with what you say here.
and selecters should not be "that brave "to axe
a random(Boom- Boom") batter like Afridi.
when they need him thay just call him.
he is not a permanant player in pakistan team.
sadly not even odi matches.

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he even doesnt have sure spot in the team
but he's agood pinch hitter

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interesting enough that Afridi is axed by selectors.
it's just because hethrows away his wicket & succeed very rarely

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