According to you which team will win the cricket "WORLD CUP"?



How many test wickets muralitharan got?

5. India

Yes India can win.
It has a decent run in WC
No it doesnt really happen everytime. In 1979 we were almost through to semis. In 1983 we won the cup. In 1987 we were in the semis. In 1996 we were in semis (because of indian crowd, match given to Sri Lankans). In 1999 we beat Pakistan (who earlier beat Australia). Then in 2003 we reached the finals.

Australia, West Indies, South Africa and India are strong contenders.
Factors helping India -
The best indian team going for the World Cup after the 1983 Presidential Cup. India has found good openers in Ganguly and Uthappa, with Sehwag in there too. Yuvraj, Dravid, Dhoni and Tendulkar steady the middle order to form one of the best middle order batting. Lower middle order of Kumble, Harbhajan, Zaheer can hit a few runs too.
As on bowling - Zaheer and Sreesanth/Munaf Patel will be opening and are not as bad. Kumble, Harbhajan and Sachin - Sehwag can bowl many spin overs between them. That leaves one guy extra. He can be employed as a strike bowler - Irfan/Sreesanth or Dinesh Kaarthick as the 11th guy. Irfan can bat as well.

It is a very powerful batting line-up, and make take a beating on their bowling lineup.
Quality Fielders are in plenty - Yuvraj, Uthappa, Sachin, Kaarthick. Fielders like Munaf Patel will have to be hided on the field.

There are all winning chances for India. India will reach the semi-finals for sure.

Is Sachin Tendulkar justified?


Does Bangladesh still have a chance to go to the semi-finals in the cricket world cup?

India can win I suport India.But NZ is good as india.

What do you say now ? (q. asked before 4mths. by myself) do you think that he proved it himself ?


India vs west indies odi series live?


Tickets for Ind-SL cricket match to be held in Pune on 8th Feb 2007?

The team which playes better cricket on the day the 11 players perfomance under pressuer and contribuion to team victory is key for winning WC
sometimes umpires biased statement can change team's fortune
But australia is my favourite..
Dravid's career has been a saga of commitment, determination, hard work , professionalism

Three steps forward
He was the highest run-scorer in his first World Cup. In his second, he took on the mantle of keeping wickets as well. Rahul Dravid takes his third shot at the big one as captain. He spoke to Sunandan Lele ahead of the team’s departure

There is a reason why Rahul Dravid embodies

Light side of the Wall

Dravid landmark as India take win

Dravid has best ODI success rate among Indian

Dravid’s average WC M-19, R-779, Avg-64.91, 100s-2, 50s-5
Dravid's record as a captian
Matches 62 won32 lost 26 drawn 4
ODI record: Matches: 309, 288 innings, Runs: 10044, Highest score: 153, Average: 40.06, 100s: 12, 50s: 77, Catches:185 and 14 stumpings.
10K runs feet:309 matches 287 innings 10044runs average 40.01

It is with touching modesty that Rahul Dravid spoke of passing the landmark of

Dravid in elite company

Dravid has kept his home record intact in the last 16 months he has worn the captaincy

Will Sri Lanka win the world Cup 2007?

1.Australia - 80%
2.South Africa - 90%
3.Pakistan - 65%
4.New Zealand - 80%
5.India - 75%
6.Sri Lanka - 60%
7.West Indies - 60%
8.England - 65%
9.Bangladesh - 45%
10.Zimbabwe - 30%
11.Bermuda - 10%

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Which player is Tiger pataudi's only wicket ?

South Africa.

What is saurav ganguly's full name?


Why do a batsman/batswoman raises his/her bat when scores half century or century etc. ?

.SouthAfrica or


Anybody know the history of cricket world cup?

I wish India.

But i hope... Australia and South Africa

But i guess. West Indies and Sri Lanka

Would like to see . India and Pakistan play.

And... would ... wish good luck to the rest...

Does Anyone Have The Address For Ed Joyce?


Do u think india should play sehwag in world cup?

One of the above will win the word cup. rest will be loosers

Body line series [cricket] ?

i don't know the future, but i pray for India, lets hope India will take the cup and make Indians proud to be Indian

Can someone tell me who won the cricket match of yesterday between india and sri lanka .?

Looking at the present consistency of the teams i think
South Africa is favourite in this world cup
Indians too have maximum chances as everybody got back in form.

Does anybody like Rahul dravid here?If yes,then why?

ooh aah india...i am an i will support only india

Who is responsible for india's loss in cricket?

PLEASE! don't even consider Australia.
1. South Africa
2. West Indies
3. New Zea land
4. Sri Lanka
5. England
6. India

One of these teams will win, my guess it's South Africa!!!

Can Sri Lanka make something happening in the world cup 2007? can they win it?

Australia is the real winner of world cup. This team is all the departments are very strong. The last 5 matches Australia are not win but the reason is the key player are not played in this team so i am confident the australia win this world cup.

What do the numbers on the Australian Cricket Teams clothing stand for?

2.South Africa

Can anybody tell me at wht website I can watch live cricket final?

i want india to win .

Who is now responsible for identifying and reporting bowlers with suspect actions?

My hunch says that is it either Australia or South Africa as the winner in ICC World Cup Cricket to be played in West Indies in this month, the opening ceremony will be on 11 March 2007.

I would also like to see India vs. Pakistan match at any of the rounds. Probably in the second round of 8.

Good luck to all the teams, particularly Sri Lanka, New Zealand and West Indies and of course, my country's team - Bangladesh!

What is the record winning margin in a cricket 1 day International ?


Who bowled out sir donald bradman?

south africa

Who is new Pakistan cricket captain?

We love INDIA
We support INDIA
We dream for INDIA
We believe our Batting line up is BEST
We Know Sourav is "MAHARAJ" of "One day Cricket"
We have Sachin "KING" of modern days Cricket.
Our bowling line-up are most balanced


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