2 batsmen each on 94 7 runs to win in 3 balls.bth make unbeaten 100.how?


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First batsman hits a six, makes 100. 1 run to win. Next ball he gets hit on the pad not offering a shot, they run but it is not counted as a run because it is a dead ball. Second batsmen hits a six next ball to make 100.

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First player hits 6,goes to 100. Next ball batsmen run on a bye, 2nd batsmen now on strike hits 6 and moves to 100. both now on 100 from the 3balls, bye is recorded as EXTRAS .

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First of all let me compliment you for this good intelligent quiz question. The first batsman hits the first of the three balls behind the wicket keeper, the hit touches the helmet placed behind the wicket keeper for which he gets five runs; the next ball he takes a single and he completes his hundred. Of the third and last ball the other batsman hits a six and he also completes his hundred.

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I don't think this is possible, with both batsmen getting their 100s unbeaten. First of all, the answers already given are good but there seems to be something wrong with each. If a batsman gets 6 and then a bye...thats the end of the game, hows is the second batsman going to get his 100?

Secondly, if the ball hits the helmet, the teams gets those 5 runs as extras, not the batsman.

Thirdly, if batsmen run on a dead ball, these runs arn't counted and the batsmen can't change strike as far I know.

The only way I can think of is that the 1st batsman hits a 6. Then on the 2nd ball, he hits it in the air and gets caught AFTER the batsmen have crossed. Thus the 1st player is out and the 2nd batsman is on strike and gets a 6 off the last ball. However, you wanted them to be unbeaten...so it can't be done!

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someone asked this before. and once again I will say its not possible.
1) byes and leg byes will still reduce the number of runs required to win.
2) helmet hits are counted as extras as someone just said.
3) the problem lies is the fact that its 7 runs.

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The first batsmen hits a 6 off the 1st ball, pulls a muscle and goes off injured. The new batsmen hits the 2nd ball in the air and is caught while the 2 batsmen cross. The 2nd batsmen on 94 hits the last ball for 6. They both have unbeaten 100s.

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both of the batsmen hit 6s on their next ball.

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1st ball, batsman runs 3 runs, then overthrow they score 2
more runs.
2nd ball, batsman takes a single to give other batsman strike.
3rd ball. 6 (chhako)

10 points pls.

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On the first ball,Batsman A gets a single.So he moves on to 98.

Two balls left.The second ball is a no-ball on which Batsman B gets three runs.He moves on to 100.

Now its the turn of Batsman A.we have got Two more runs to get to win the match.The second ball is a dot ball.

Now on the last ball,Batsman A gets two runs and get to 100 and wins the match for his team

So in this way, both the batsmen go unbeaten on 100 runs.

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